American River Band On Pandemix TV

Thursday October 29th at 6pm pacific time, you can catch our 6 song mini concert American River Band video stream. Our good friend Tony, from Groove Labs has put together a website called Pandemix TV for virtual live streaming Band’s and more! Check it out! Future shows are coming... We promise! We miss you all and hope to see you soon! Stay safe! Check out our website on Facebook, become a fan and follow us at

Born Country to American River Band

I'm sure you all noticed the name change by now...don't you love it? Since we have two (awesome) guys and two (badass) girls in the band now, an Alabama tribute just didn't seem to fit anymore so we're heading in another direction. Don't worry, we will still play some great Alabama tunes for you but we will also be adding lots of stuff...maybe stuff you won't be expecting. So keep your eyes and ears open when this quarantine lifts and we're back to work playing somewhere near you! We really miss you all and hope you're staying well! We are all doing great, anxious to get out and play but, great just the same. Here's hoping we see you all SOON!!!! Thank you for all your love and support!

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Kevin, Teeci,  Joe,  Jennifer

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