Jennifer Altena

Vocals & Bass Guitar

Jennifer “Jen” Altena is a small town girl from Wrightwood, California, By the age of 9 believe it or not, she was a ski instructor and an Olympic hopeful. Jen however has spent most of her life working as a bartender and entrepreneur. She owns a wig company and a bar these days… so yes, she stays very busy. Her mom taught her 6 chords on the 12 string guitar and introduced her to harmony at the age of 13.

Jen met Joe and Teeci over 25 years ago, and got her first real singing experience with them when they invited her to come up on stage, the harmony mesmerized her and she has been hooked ever since! Jen also met Kevin over 20 years ago… so she has been pretty much always a part of this music family… in fact she and her mom Patricia sang background vocals on Born Country’s hit single “Games People Play!” Jen also plays the acoustic guitar and has played in a few other bands. She says she is home now with American River Band.

Jennifer is a taco and chocolate chip cookie lover and has 3 beautiful daughters who light up her life! 7 years ago she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which makes playing instruments very painful and challenging for her. She says her passion for music will not let her quit.